Stalled but still tall!


Am I the only person who can see my worth?

Maybe im the only one that thinks I deserve

A special spot among your world

The seat at the front, that’s mine on reserve

But no its not me, im not welcome up there

My toe isn’t allowed anywhere near the stair

I cant stand this feeling of hopeless despair

I know what’s happening, im running out of air

Panic attack bound to set in soon

Awaiting the heartache that is bound to make a return

Why is it me that always gets burned

I guess all that heat is the flames that burn from within

What happens when you are embittered and scorned

Hateful swine; yeah that’s it, im talking about you!

I want peace, I want calm, I wanted a better version of you

This version of you that was skillfully and deceptively presented as brand new

Is all sour, of a rotten colour, it just will not do

I think its time for me to admit the truth

You will always be selfish and uncouth

And I will forever be a memory of your youth

Oh, but you are stuck there as just a boy

Huddled and scared; all fetal in position,

Can’t you see ive emerged from that cocoon

I out grew you somehow and now i’m off, there is no standing still

I slipped on take off but it was just a minor fall

Reverse and decline, nope, it was just a stall

My importance and worthiness is looking rather sturdy and tall

I can hardly see you from up here, not even at all!



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