Today has been a rough day for me, but through the roughage came a few thoughts that were helpful, if not at least a tad entertaining… 

Helpful thought 1:

Thinking about studying, and talking about studying, is NOT studying! It is procrastinating! JUST START FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!

Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos

Helpful thought 2:

Love sucks sometimes!


It requires hard work, and it will sometimes hurt. Instead of saying things you will regret, go for a walk instead…you will then be too tired to say much of anything!

pexels-photo-261749 (1)

Helpful thought 3:


Watering the lawn or digging up weeds in a garden bed is not only very relaxing, but clears the mind, it is grounding by connecting us to mother nature, and is very rewarding. It is also much more fun than studying! It is also much less stressful than addressing a relationship issue while feeling angry!





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