Where art thou happiness…?



HAPPINESS…why so elusive?!

I have been missing laughter in my life. A simple smile has even been noticeably absent from my face.

Inevitably, I have not been feeling happy lately.

A psychologist told me many many years ago that one of my main personal values is hedonism. When I stumbled across the definition below of ‘hedonic well-being‘ the memory came flooding back of the values evaluation the psychologist had informed me about and I instantly recognized that my lack of a happy mood state made complete sense…

Hedonic well-being:

Is the well-being that is obtained by the accumulation of happy moments and the satisfaction of desires.

My day-to-day life is a constant stream of worry, stress, obligation, responsibility, and work! Where is the fun?

Socially, pfftttt what social life?! I would love one! Although, I do find it hard to relate to people, small talk is torturous for me, but I do try to participate as much as possible.

The people I do happen to find myself around do not seem to want to talk to me, rather they want to argue with me, ignore me, talk over the top of me, and generally make me feel….well….invisible, ignored, unheard.

Alas, I will soldier on. It shan’t bring me down for long…!

I will attempt to obtain an accumulation of happy moments, satisfy my desires as much as possible, and hopefully put that smile back on my dile.




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