Social Media is a Bitch!

I used to love facebook, I would waste way too much time on there. Scrolling. Seeing what personal crises may be revealed, or perhaps a chance to live vicariously through someone else’s interesting status updates.

But it got boring…

I have recently been spending less and less time on fb, where I used to be checking and scrolling my newsfeed half hourly, it has become perhaps once every three days. And even then I find my scrolling is very short lived before I decide I have seen enough of the meaningless nothing and same old memes that I decide to just play sims freeplay instead (I am addicted to the sims freeplay game on my mobile!).

But for social change?!

Delusional I must be, for I still feel the need to spread an article or message on fb with a written status to accompany it about the atrocities committed against human beings with human rights violation information, or how awful some other serious and changeable cause. I hold on to the hope that one day, my rants (or what I perceive to be impressionable pieces of persuasive radical social change inducing literary masterpieces) will inevitably create my fb friend list of people to become enraged, fueled with passion for a just cause and infuriated by the lack of collective shared belief and spawn their own campaigns. Inevitably leading to a chain reaction of passionate free thinking people to collectively become one voice too loud to be silenced, and incredibly incite some much needed social change!

But its all materialistic, egotistical, self-centered, self-pity bullshit!!!

But nothing! Maybe one like, if i’m lucky perhaps a share, with no added on personal message and therefore rendering the often unheard of link title ignored as thumbs scroll the now meaningless and powerless message into unattended useless info that our brain are so skilled at dismissing as none sense  not worthy of remembering, let alone even conscious awareness of the scroller.

It is all materialistic…






I thought the greatest value of social media was the ability to reach large audiences and thus allow things as elusive as social change to occur.

But I just see a heap more judgement (which is ironic, I get it, because I guess I could be perceived as judging right now) and focus on stuff and self!


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