QUICK TIP #2 Love and Truth

Love is the hardest emotion to define, it cannot even be explained, it is something that can only be felt. It is unique and individual for each and every person who is lucky enough to feel it.

If you live with the intention of love, seeing each and all things with love, whilst adding in some truth, living your personal truth, then you become an empowered individual. You become capable of conquering the world and its ugliness. You are able to create a life filled with meaning.

My life gains meaning from living in love and truth.

Judgment, jealousy, hatred all become irrelevant and unnecessary. Kindness compassion and understanding are the gains. I hope that every person I encounter feel worthy in my presence. I hope to heal the world with a smile and a compassionate stare.

Love and truth!

The quick tip posts are a series of thoughts designed to be a collection of very short reads, to inspire and motivate myself (and hopefully you too) to remember to live a life of love and kindness through positivity. I hope you dear reader find them equally inspirational and motivational to remember to live your life with intentions of love and kindness. Here you can find Quick tip #1: Be sunny and bright. 

©I Digress


4 thoughts on “QUICK TIP #2 Love and Truth

  1. Great post, love love and all the rest is irrelevant. I can agree with that, love is powerfull.
    Glad you stumbled upon my crazy little blog, looking forward when time permits to read more of your posts. Very interesting, thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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