High-priestess, she must possess

A huge deal of power

Maybe perhaps even magic, and

Legend, folklore and myth mixed in with it

She would sit upon her thrown

And reign ultimate supreme

Over the people, the land, maybe even more

Her wishes, desires, hearts yearning

Allowing all that’s wrong to come undone

She only needs command and intention

Miracles are her manifestation

Tradition says of the high-priestess

Knowledge and wisdom she adorns

Her understanding and serenity

Cannot compare to no other

Reign supreme over me

I seek the knowledge and the wisdom that you possess

Seeking understanding of this feeling

The all consuming one I cannot name

Replace it with insides all serene

The hollow crevice of my soul

Has relinquished its power

My mythical heart has become

My greatest desire

Manifest miracles, searching for truth

For intention hasn’t gained clarity

But when knowledge has been sought

This heart will become un-vacant

And this soul of mine that’s broken

Will heal itself with beauty

Kindness and compassion

These traits they are my saving grace

They offer me the tools I need

To regain all my power

For all I know and all I am

Is inside me, all along I did possess

The ever serene, all encompassing, high-priestess



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