The Mystery of the Anonymous Envelope in the Middle of the Night.



Sunrise finally!

Now the sun is up, I will brave opening the front door. Trepidation consumes me as I ponder the possible causes for the ‘THUD’ I heard in the middle of the night or the sound of the footsteps as they quickly retreated into the darkness. The thump thump thump echoing inside my ears. Hairs on the back of my neck sprang up, fear created a wave of heat over my skin, from the tip of my toes up right up to the top of my ears. Tension made my body stiff as a board, as I strained to hear any sounds that were separate from my inner fear response. My blood pressure rising and intensifying a rhythmic thumping noise which filled my head, drowning my senses, diluting the sounds of fact from the fiction of my imagination.

As the sun rises, so too does my confidence, to venture outside into the unknown. I turn the door knob and pull the wooden door opening it inwards, stepping up to the flywire screen door handle, pull it down, and push ever so slightly, I lean forward to poke my head around the open door frame.


My memory of the front porch doesn’t let me down, as my attention is instantly grabbed by the out of place piece of paper sitting atop my bench seat. I step out with confidence now, and as I move closer, I notice its an envelope, with a simple note, hand written consisting of only four words:

“ This is



“this is 4 you” was the message written on the top of the mystery envelope!

I pick it up and to my surprise its as heavy as a paperback novel with around 300 pages.

I turn it over trying to find a name. Is it for me or perhaps just to whomever happens to find it? Maybe a name of whoever left it I may find.


Its blank.

So I lift the flap. Look inside and can you believe it, it holds some notes and a rather large wod of coins.

I add it up and the sum totals twenty three dollars and sixty cents!

$23.60 in small change.

Questions flood my mind…

Who in the world would decide to walk up to my front porch at 2:30am on a Tuesday morning, and drop an anonymous envelope of cash on the bench and dash off into the darkness? Their identity never to be known.

I will always be grateful that my fear was unwarranted, instead someone decided to act out of kindness. Their choice to remain anonymous must have served them a purpose. But I will always wonder who could have been the mysterious person who left an envelope marked simply with “this is 4 you” for me to discover.




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