QUICK TIP #3: Smile…it’s free

Smile at everyone you make eye contact with, no matter where you are, or who they are. Show the world that kindness still exists. It is a hostile world. I see people divert their eyes the instant I look in their direction, usually towards their feet. Who made them scared to look at other people. What experiences have caused people to avoid eye contact whilst out in public. In a world where everyone is staring at their phones, I am the person looking around, at the view, at the scenery, at people, looking them in the eye and smiling.

In return I get smiles in return. A nice remark here and there such as ‘lovely day today’ or ‘good morning’ or perhaps even ‘would you like to share my umbrella?” My days are filled with beauty and kindness. All because I smile when I make eye contact with strangers in the street.

Smile…It’s free!!!

©I Digress 2017



One thought on “QUICK TIP #3: Smile…it’s free

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