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Free Verse: Bullying, Words Bled From Heart

Powerful post by a talented blogger. Bullies are victims who victimize!

Urban Poetry

In this free verse poetry, “Words Bled From Heart.”

I despise bullying. You will find me writing about bullying quite often. As a single parent of my 9 1/2-year-old Bianca, she sees this quite often. She cries, trying to understand how others can be so cruel.

There was an incidence that really brought me to the reality of bullies. They’re bullied too, by a parent, or peers, or family members, older siblings too.

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Somehow, we need to bring more awareness to bullying. It’s not just children, it’s adults or senior citizens that are bullied. But it’s wrong, when I was a teenager, I lost a friend to bullying, she committed suicide, I tried to help, but I couldn’t stop the monsters who were hurting her.

Bullying kills the soul…for those who can not find the strength to fight it. It’s like a slow drip of poison being fed…

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