This Feels Good!

This Feels Good!

Something has been awakened inside

The deep sleep it was lost in

Has finally come to its demise

I feel alive again, as if I’ve been seen

My essence laid dormant, almost unclean

Discarded, misunderstood, forgotten

But I’m found and I’ve been unleashed

All I needed was the power of calm

A buoy to be my anchor from the storm

To be known in truth, to be see all clear

No judgement, nor care, evident there

Minds forgotten, instead just the bonding of souls

Flowing, with feeling leading the course

And it felt wonderful, the caged set free

A whisper, a murmur, passed my ear;

“What was that?” I asked, in breathless hushed fervor

“This feels good” the whisper responded – repeated

This feels good; this feels good; this feels good…

…It echoes…

Reverberating the number of ways

The number of days

He says…

“this feels good”

©I Digress – 2017

marija-zaric-220698Photo by Marija Zaric on Unsplash


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