Fuck you for dying


Fuck you for dying

For leaving

For not saying goodbye

Fuck you for making

Our world unclean

You made the decision

To take the ride

Maybe if mates

And pub crawls

And beers after work

Weren’t so important

You would have been home

With your wife

Your kids

Instead of flung

To the otherside of the road

Scraped off the asphalt

Taken to the morgue

Fuck you for it all

The grieving

The loneliness

The scars that do not fade

But the memories

Yeah the memories

What are they again?

I have nothing

No recollection

Of your face or hair

Your stare or voice

Fuck you for the void

Where are you

While it’s all falling


The family you left

Deprived from the start

Is all messed up

Fuck you for getting in that car

For being so easily persuaded

For letting Friday night

Beers and mates

Keep you away from us

Not just while we were awake

But you turned it into forever

Who are you?

I don’t know

So I have to say


Fuck you for dying!

Fuck you for the grave that is all I can visit!

Fuck you for dying Dad!!!

©I Digress – 2017



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